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Automatic popup of words from the buffer using Corfu and Dabbrev

How can I make Dabbrev and Corfu automatically show a pop-up for the words from my current buffer? For example, if I write "example" somewhere in a document, I would like it pops up ...
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Difference between dynamic completion and hippie expand

I've been starting to use dynamic completion with icicle-support in Emacs (command icicle-complete with dynamic-completion-mode on), but now I've stumbled over hippie-expand and it sounds like they ...
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Adding replacement strings to a list

I want to add replacements to matching words to a list called nscrip. I already have a large number of lists that I use for dabbrev, written in the following form. Perhaps I can use these lists, or ...
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Unexpected dabbrev-expand forward completion behavior

Given a buffer containing a abc with point immediately following the first a, ↓ a abc if I perform forward completion with (dabbrev-expand -1), it produces the result I would expect: ↓ abc abc ...
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Markov matcher for dabbrev

While writing plain text (not code), I'd like a completion based on more context, an exmple would speak more so here it is: Given the following buffer (a preloaded big text corpus would make more ...
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How to make dabbrev support CamelCase or a better auto-completion in java buffers

I use dabbrev as my auto-complete function (and since most of what I code is snake_case it works well). However, I'm now doing a Java project and everything is CamelCase. How do I make dabbrev ...
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Replace a character with a string as it is typed

I would like to do the following: activate some mode so that whenener I type the $ character in my buffer, it immediately gets replaced by <m>. Even better: when I type $ it puts <m></m&...
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How to refresh dabbrev candidates displayed by company after each save

I've been using Ivy Irony Company for some time and it works great on all libraries I included in my C++ program so far, but I've noticed Ivy rarely auto-completes my user defined classes, objects, ...
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How can I prevent company-mode completing non-English chars?

i tried these codes before, but none of them works for me . how can i edit this to achieve my goal.
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Company duplicates

I use gtags, jedi and dabbrev for python. Sometimes the duplicates get a bit annoying. I read that using :with should sort out the duplicates problem. However, it does not... Is there a better ...
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how to ignore hyphens in completion candidates using company-dabbrev backend?

How can I modify company-dabbrev to behave like other company-backends, so I also receive words as completion candidates, that are connected with hyphens.
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How to use abbrev for words with dollar-sign ($) as prefix?

My setup GNU Emacs GUI (version (x86_64-w64-mingw32) compiled from Harroogan Emacs.) Situation I would like to type a word in PHP-mode, and it will automatically ...
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Use hippie-expand to complete ruby symbols without prefix

I am an avid hippie-expand user but I find it annoying that it natively doesn't complete ruby symbols without the prefix. For example (cursor is |): class ApplicationController < ActionController::...
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How to make Company mode be case-sensitive on plain Text?

By default, Company mode seems to convert every prediction into lower case. E.g: HelloWorldOfGoo HelloWorldOfEmacs -> Hell [Helloworldofgoo] //Company prediction [...
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case-sensitivity of word completion using dabbrev

I sometimes use M-/ to complete words but it is not case sensitive. For example : the word is : showPublic and when I write show and then put M-/, It completes as showpublic. How can I fix this ? ...
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