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Starting Emacs in daemon mode

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How do I use emacsclient to connect to a remote emacs instance?

I'd like to be able to run emacs on one computer: server $ emacs --daemon And then connect to it from another: local $ emacsclient -c server Is this possible? If so, how?
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Start two separate emacs daemons for console and GUI

Typically I start emacs with the GUI, and start a server right away with (server-start). Now I can easily open documents into my existing emacs session from terminal via emacsclient -n <file>, ...
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2 answers

Using desktop-mode with Emacs Daemon

I am using emacs 24.3 (ubuntu 14.10) and would like the daemon to participate in the graphical desktop session lifecycle while using desktop-mode. I went through
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emacs --daemon frozen when started with emacsclient file

This is somewhat of a follow up to Prevent emacsclient from blocking other instances. I am using emacsclient -a '' -nw --socket-name=$TTY where TTY=$(basename tty). I use emacs in the terminal and ...
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Emacs (as daemon) doesn't load theme

Related: Emacs: GUI with emacs --daemon not loading fonts correctly My init.el contains the following lines: (require 'darktooth-theme) (load-theme 'darktooth t) If I start Emacs with $ emacs ... ...
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How can I suppress the message `When done with this frame, type C-x 5 0`?

I am running emacs v26 daemon on the background and using a single terminal. Usually I open files using emacsclient -qt and close them using C-x C-s and C-x C-c to get back to terminal run the script ...
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emacs --daemon is not loading gui elements

I defined emacsclient as default editor in .bashrc so emacs -daemon will be called upon startup: export ALTERNATE_EDITOR="" export EDITOR=emacsclient But compared to a normal load without ...
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Connect to daemon with 'lost' socket

I have a running emacs daemon, and somehow lost the ability to connect to it. Here are some relevant command output: $ pgrep -a emacs 12664 emacs --daemon $ lsof -c emacs -a -u $USER -a -...
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Make Emacs systemd service kill when logging out/shutting down

I am trying to use desktop-save-mode together with emacs daemon. ;; save desktop before quitting (add-hook 'kill-emacs-hook (lambda () (desktop-save "~/.emacs.d/"))) But when I log out of the ...
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running emacs as a daemon does not load custom-set-faces?

I am starting with emacs --daemon in my session, and it seems to trigger some odd behavior regarding themes and faces. I am using this solarized theme but I have found it to have weird cursor issues. ...
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Running Emacs as a client does not load my settings

I'm using the new systemd daemon option with Emacs 26. I have a problem, though. If I open a client instance (emacsclient -c) no config files (my .emacs) are loaded. So I don't see the usefulness in ...
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emacs --daemon crashes when parent ssh session dies

I'm using emacs 26.1 (although I don't think this is a new issue with this verison). Note - this is not the GTK bug which results in the daemon crashing if X Connectivity is lost. I am aware of that ...
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