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Starting Emacs in daemon mode

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Starting emacs in daemon mode freezes, emacsclient is not able find a socket

I cannot launch the emacs daemon anymore. I do not know what triggered this. When entering emacs -Q --daemon -v I get only the following and nothing happen. Warning: due to a long standing Gtk+ ...
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Restore desktop frames for Emacs server

The version of desktop.el that comes with Emacs 24.4 allows restoring frames as well as windows and buffers. This works fine for an Emacs server (i.e., daemon) with at least one open frame. However, a ...
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Starting daemon without forking to background

I want to run an Emacs daemon under daemontools. So I need to create an Emacs process which Basically does emacs --daemon Does stay in the foreground Displays the Messages buffer (or some other ...
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Startup Emacs Daemon With Elfeed (RSS Feed Reader) Buffer

What I would like to accomplish is this: Allow emacs daemon to start with my start up applications like normal When I open an emacs frame I would like only the first one to start with my rss news ...
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Launching in daemon mode crashes emacs while loading configuration from .org file

I've been using literate programming using org-mode for my initialization file. I've a init.el which loads a org file converts it to .el and uses it as startup file. Here is my configuration files. ...
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How to run emacs as a systemd service with Wayland on Ubuntu 22.04+?

The stock systemd user service file for emacs 29.1 looks like this: [Unit] Description=Emacs text editor Documentation=info:emacs man:emacs(1) [Service] Type=notify ...
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Setting (setq system-time-locale "C") in daemon ineffective

I try to set the time locale to "C" in my config via (setq system-time-locale "C"). However, when using the emacs --daemon, it is not set properly and I end up with non-english ...
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emacs.service will delay 2 mins before `reboot/shutdown` my computer

I use emacs a lot and restart it since I change my init.el from time to time, so I started to use emacs.service about one year ago using command like systemctl --user enable emacs.service systemctl -...
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Using Emacs as a daemon (emacsclient) exhibiting weird behavior

Whenever I use Emacs as a daemon it seems like my init file isn't being fully loaded. My keybindings in particular are acting very odd. I use some unorthodox keybinds; for example: Ctrl+u = ...
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Running Emacs as a client does not load my settings

I'm using the new systemd daemon option with Emacs 26. I have a problem, though. If I open a client instance (emacsclient -c) no config files (my .emacs) are loaded. So I don't see the usefulness in ...
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Unable to tweak theme settings unless I start a new session

I have this code in my init.el file, mainly to apply the theme correctly when running emacs server: ;; This will make sure the theme loads well in emacs daemon (setq myGraphicModeHash (make-...
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Minibuffer prompt not displaying (intermittently) in daemon mode

I am using Emacs 24.5 on Mac OS (installed with homebrew) in daemon mode. I normally leave the daemon running for long periods of time (weeks) while I'm working. I'll open up files from the command ...
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using desktop.el in --daemon mode

I eventually figured out that the answer to this question was to choose --bg-daemon rather than --fg-daemon when starting the ...
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If an emacsclient has an open minibuffer when it's closed, it freezes everything

I use emacs --daemon for everything, which means I frequently have several different instances of emacsclient running at a time. I've noticed that if I execute an action which opens a minibuffer, it ...
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emacsclient: connect: Connection refused

I am trying to run emacs-daemon on a remote machine (connected via ssh), which was working fine. After I try to setup ports for mosh between 60000:61000 emacs-daemon started not to open :-( The way I ...
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