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dap-mode: Initialize request failed: "program" property is required for launch

I am trying to use LLDB to debug my rust code. To edit the code, I use rustic-mode with lsp-mode, and to perform debugging I am trying to use dap-mode. Currently, this is how I initialize dap-mode in ...
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Installing `lsp-mode` and `dap-mode` from melpa

When I install lsp-mode from Melpa, I get version 20221003.1714. When I install dap-mode from Melpa, I get version 20220921.941, which requires lsp-mode-6.0. As a result, (require 'dap-mode) fails: ...
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Problem debugging on dap-mode

I am new to emacs and I was following this tutorial to configure lsp-mode: But dap-debug does not work. Everytime I try to debug, it doesn't ...
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dap-mode exists instead of breaking on crash

When running applications in dap-mode using M-x dap-debug, I can get my applications running via GDBServer Connect Configuration & GDB Run Configuration. However when the application crashes I ...
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