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How to edit source code from elpa package and keep changes?

So today I installed a dashboard for emacs with M-x package-install RET dashboard. It works perfectly fine. I made some nice customization and it looks great! But by default, there are some messages (...
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emacs dashboard to launch an eshell?

I'm using emacs-dashboard as my launcher. I'd love to set up a dashboard-navigator-button for launching C-u M-x shell which is usually the first thing I do in emacs. I see logic for arbitrary ...
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Why am i getting this "E926" character on my dashboard?

Why am i getting this E926 in my Emacs dashboard and how can I fix this? dashboard is an Emacs package -
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Cannot navigate to recent projects in emacs dashboard: "Symbol's function definition is void: nil" error

Recently, I have not been able to open any of my recent projects that show up on the dashboard screen (package emacs-dashboard). If I move my cursor over one of the projects and press enter nothing ...
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how to show latest xkcd in dashboard on startup?

Dashboard can display images on startup. I was wondering how would I give it latest xkcd comic from xkcd-mode?
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temporarily disable recentf without writing the list to disk?

I'm trying out the dashboard package and noticed that my .org files kept getting added to the recentf list, because dashboard uses OrgMode to generate the agenda that it displays. So I added code to ...
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How can I remove the logo image in the dashboard package?

I'd like to remove the image of the Emacs cow from the startup screen, but I want to keep my recent files, bookmarks, and agenda. Currently, I'm using the dashboard package with use-package. My ...
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