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Detect the operating system

What is the most Emacs-y way to detect the operating system Emacs is running in? My intention is to conditionally set up package repositories depending on whether they are needed. (If the operating ...
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How to remove emacsclient and emacsclient.emacs from linux(debian)

I have installed emacs using apt. I have already tried: apt purge emacs apt purge emacs-gtk When I tried to remove emacsclient using apt. It says "E: Unable to locate package emacsclient"...
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Cannot install emacs from official repository; missing files and dependency problems

My emacs is broken and I cannot repair it. I want to reinstall emacs 26.3 from the official linux mint repositories -- not snap or other 3rd party repo, as those are spawning even more errors/warnings....
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What's the right order of the settings on init file?

I've had an annoying moment with emacs (GUI). I'm a newbie and now I'm trying to use emacs for writing, so I need spell checking. Well, the consensus is flyspell. In order to load flyspell when ...
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How to set up emacsclient as default editor on Debian?

What am I trying to achieve I want to use emacsclient (not emacs) as my default text editor on Debian Buster. What have I tried so far Alternatives: > sudo update-alternatives --config editor` ...
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Emacs via X: how to use higher resolution fonts?

I have attached a screenshot of Emacs 24.5 running in X-Quartz in a Debian VM. Does anyone know how to configure Emacs to use higher resolution fonts? For instance, like the ones Mac is ...
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Emacs manuals are missing on Debian/Ubuntu

I was expecting the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual at (C-h i m elisp). But there was no menu elisp or lisp there. C-h v and C-h f work fine for variables or functions though. C-h i 5 takes me to file ...
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Having problems starting EXWM

I am running Debian 9.3. I created an .xinitrc file and a symlink, .xsession. File permission was changed to 774. #!/usr/bin/env bash # # This is a sample file for the ~/.xinitrc file. # # Set ...
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What does emacs want for non-ASCII keys

Under Debian-Jessie, Emacs recognizes qualified special keys, e.g. C-<home>, in an X terminal (e.g. mate-terminal) but in TTY it does not. I have corrected this by making a replacement keymap, ...
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Use pylint3 for checking Python 3 code using flycheck

By default, flycheck uses pylint for checking python code. However, the pylint program on Debian/Ubuntu is for checking Python 2, not Python3 (there is instead pylint3 for Python3). How do I ...
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What Debian packages are needed to build Emacs from source?

I know that I can run sudo apt-get install emacs25, but (for reasons I don't want to get into) I want to build Emacs from source. In the past, in order to do this, I've had to apt-get install Debian ...
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Async shell command can't find command

I have installed the Rust programming language (Debian). Now i can compile and run programs from terminal (with the cargo build and cargo run commands), but not from inside emacs. The cargo compiler ...
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Can't uninstall emacs on Debian

I want to purge emacs from debian in order to install the newer version from git but when I do apt-get purge emacs and then emacsit still runs. Any idea on how to get rid of emacs ?
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Cryptic startup error messages

I just started out on emacs so this might have a really simple answer. I'm getting an error message on startup and have no idea what it means. The debug message doesn't help much either. What do ...
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crypto-newbie: how to securely sign outgoing email with `smtpmail` (or simplest alternative)?

I'm running $ cat /etc/debian_version jessie/sid $ uname -rv 3.11-2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.11.8-1 (2013-11-13) $ gcc --version | head -n 1 gcc (Debian 4.8.2-1) 4.8.2 $ emacs --version | head -n 1 GNU ...
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Where to find missing dependencies (imagemagick and m17n)

I am compiling Emacs from source and can't figure out what libraries I need to enable imagemagick and m17n. I have imagemagick and libm17n-dev installed (I am on Debian). My ./configure script says: ...
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