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How can I make a window always show the same file buffer?

How can I force Emacs to keep a certain file in a particular window? For example, if I am editing a LaTeX file and there is a compile error, I want to inspect the error in another window. I ...
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Can eldoc display in a dedicated window?

Currently eldoc pops up a window, mostly it's fine but with large docs it gets intrusive & jarring to loose so much screen space. Is there a way to have eldoc use it's own dedicated window? (which ...
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Provide hint about which windows for a function to use?

I like follow-mode which I have recently discovered. But I would like to avoid completely losing my window setup within a frame. Is there a way to label a window as usable by a function?
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Aquamacs: Display *Occur* in current frame

I find that if I run *Occur* on different virtual displays, Aquamacs will reuse whichever frame *Occur* ran in the previous time, often giving me the results I want to see on a display which I am not ...
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Open some file types in new frame

I use split-frame (split-window-right in setup) for most things but would like Emacs to open some file types (specifically PDF files) in a new frame when using find-file. Other files (for example ....
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switch to dedicated window instead of duplicating the buffer

I can make a buffer dedicated to a frame using the following snippet I got from other posts (defun toggle-window-dedicated () "Toggle whether the current active window is dedicated or not" (...
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Magit reuse same window for different project when switching window

I'm a new user of magit and I'm currently using it in a separate frame with a single window (magit-status). I'd like that to show the git status of the project of the latest visited buffer. Imagine ...
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Monkey patch and restore builtin set-window-dedicated-p during advice

I would like to make set-window-dedicated-p a NOP when called from xref--show-pos-in-buf. Below is an attempt to do so using advice. It doesn't work, I think because fset is not really copying the ...
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How to prevent emacs from popping up with new frames in response to dedicated windows? I would much rather it split the existing window

I've recently started using dedicated windows because I have certain windows (a python interpreter, sometimes a PDF of a LaTeX document), that I do not want obstructed under any circumstances. This ...
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