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How can I output the contents of a defstruct?

I sometimes find it useful to be able to take a struct object and see its slots and values. But if I evaluate a struct object I only see its values, not the names of the slots. E.g. if I have a struct ...
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Accessing nested array elements from a class object

I am trying to access elements within the array generated by defstruct. More specifically, I would like to access the NOTER_DOCUMENT file path from org-noter's org-noter--session variable. The only ...
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How to override read-only slot of cl-defstruct?

I'm dealing with a third-party package that uses Structures - cl-defstructs. One of the slots is :read-only t. I need to override that. I need to find a way to change the value in that slot and then ...
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How to create a structure instance out of a -pkg.el file?

Package foo description is stored inside a file foo-VERSION/foo-pkg.el with a cl-defstruct definition that complies to package.el package-desc structure type with a package-desc-from-define ...
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with-slots with defstruct "class" instance

Is it possible to use a with-slots-type macro with an instance of a defstruct-defined class in emacs lisp? I tried and I'm getting this error: eieio-oset: Wrong type argument: eieio-object, "some-...
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What does hash s indicate in lisp

This is the result of M-: (elfeed-search-selected :ignore-region) #s(elfeed-entry ("" . "") ...
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emacs lisp error : Need a pre-parsed url

I'm trying to use tern with the latest version of emacs (27 : master branch) and I'm getting the following error : Request failed: ((wrong-type-argument Need a pre-parsed URL. [cl-struct-url http ...
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