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Questions tagged [deletion]

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13 votes
4 answers

Backspace without adding to kill ring

Using Crtl+Backspace or Ctrl+Del adds the deleted text to the kill ring. How can I prevent this from happening? I do not need to have every single piece of text sent to the kill ring when it gets ...
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7 votes
1 answer

backward-kill-word ignores whitespaces, is there another friendlier version?

Emac's backward-kill-word tends to delete more than I want. E.g when I press delete multiple times on this: (key-chord "qf" 'helm-org-in-buffer-headings) ;heading search. | I get: 1. (key-chord ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Delete files to Trash on OS X

Is there a best, most future-proof method of setting emacs on OS X to delete files to the trash? I tried the instructions here: (setq delete-by-moving-to-trash t) (defun system-move-file-to-trash (...
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9 votes
3 answers

Automatic deletion of backup files

When editing files, some backups appear (files ending with a tilde ~). How can I control their creations, and is it possible to ask for a recursive bulk deletion of all files from a ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Automated trim of 28 million text records

I have a plain text data file, consisting of 28 million tab-delimited records, each containing nine fields. The left ends of the first three records look like this: I would like to truncate each of ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Evil - don't yank with only whitespace to register

How can I configure Emacs in Evil mode to delete an empty line (d d) without copying it but still copy it when deleting a non-empty line?
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1 vote
2 answers

Rebind backspace to C-d for deleting char backwards

I want to delete char backwards using C-d, not the backspace key. I could do it like that: (global-set-key (kbd "\C-d") 'delete-backward-char) However, I have noticed that in fact backspace points ...
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0 votes
2 answers

How to unbind and then repurpose a default keybinding?

I want to test out a few alternative keybinding setups but I’m not sure what the simplest/most effective way to do that is. I would like to have it so that instead of C-d being forward delete ("...
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