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use-package & quelpa: resolve dependencies with elpa?

When modifying some packages I'm using (use-package :load-path "my-forked-project") but to make my config work in any machine I want get that package from say my github repo. I'm now trying ...
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use-package and dependencies

Given a major mode package foo and foo-x that extends foo, with feature x is there a recommended way to configure them with use-package (assuming :defer t and :ensure t for all? nested use-package (...
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ignore dependencies when setting CANCELED todo-state

CONTEXT I have org-todo-keywords set to "TODO(t) | DONE(d) CANCELED(c)". Also, I have configured org-todo-state-triggers to (cons 'quote (list (cons 'todo (list (cons org-archive-tag nil))) ...
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How to properly install and use package dependencies in Travis CI

Backstory Hi, I am developing a library that easily transforms JSON alists into EIEIO objects, jeison. It sounds pretty obvious and a duplicate of json.el functionality, but it is a bit trickier than ...
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Todo dependency graph?

I'm interested in modeling todo dependencies with the following types of structure: A blocks B A blocks C B blocks D C blocks D D blocks E D blocks F Note the examples of multiple parents and ...
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What does dependency mean in the Status field of a package shown in list-packages

The command list-packages shows the list of available packages. A Status column appears with several possible values: available installed dependency built-in incompat And the packages seem to be ...
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