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Questions tagged [diary]

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Conflict on the meaning of * when including Org mode files in a calendar diary

I want to include org-mode files into the default diary file of calendar mode, but there is a problem: the * symbol is used to match unspecific day. for example, ** 2nd heading in the ~/diary file ...
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Schedule repeating org-agenda TODO entry with diary sexp and time

I have repeating appointments for the next half year and want them to show up in my agenda. I managed to make them show on the correct dates like this: * TODO Example Event SCHEDULED: <%%(and(diary-...
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What is the point of Org-agenda?

I'm very new to GNU Emacs. The first thing I need is to schedule deadlines for events. As far as I understand, Org is at the core an outliner, so why come up with an Org agenda rather than implement, ...
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Getting diary-mail-entries to work with mu4e in a script

I'm trying to start using the Emacs diary to remind me of birthdays and such using emails, but I've configured mu4e as my mail client, so I wrote an Emacs script using (diary-mail-entries) that I want ...
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Convert diary entries to org-mode

Is it possible to convert an emacs diary file to an org-mode file? I know that I can use (setq org-agenda-include-diary t) to see the diary in org-agenda but I want to have the events in an org file, ...
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Org mode diary intergration is showing a mashed up mess from Zoom invitations

I recently got excorporate working to pull in zoom meetings into org agenda. The result is less than appealing (personal details scribbed) Week-agenda (W18): Monday 3 May 2021 W18 tasks: ...
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Calendar: symbols-function-definition is void: "appt-make-list"

When in the "calendar", typing "d", which runs (diary-view-entries), gives me an error Symbols-function-definition is void: "appt-make-list". It shows the (one) entry for ...
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Redirect diary to other directory

The Emacs diary is configured in ~/diary as the default. I want separate the configuration and my personal notes. How could redirect the system's diary to other directory?
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