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Run ansi-term in a new frame

I have the following in my .emacs : (add-to-list 'display-buffer-alist '("\\`\\*e?shell" display-buffer-pop-up-frame)) And it opens shell or eshell buffer in the new frame when I run M-x ...
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emacs display layout for windows of bottom and right sides

With the following code, emacs split sides windows like: ;; ------------------------------------- ;; | | * | ;; | | h | ;; | ...
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2 answers

How to reuse a window in another frame for display-buffer

I like to have the Help buffer in a some frame (with some other windows) and I try to reuse this window in this frame even when I am in another frame and issue a help command. I tried setting (setq ...
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Display buffer without transferring to the buffer [closed]

I am using (display-buffer buffer) and (pop-to-buffer buffer). The latter puts the cursor in the buffer. Although I want to show the buffer, I want to stay in the buffer I am working on rather than ...
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display buffer: split below only once, then reuse

I am trying to tame display-buffer to achieve the following behavior: if I have a frame split once horizontally and then run a function that creates a third window (like help, magit, or similar) I ...
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Why does this `display-buffer-alist` rule not do what I expect?

I have the following in the display-buffer-alist list: (("*" (display-buffer-in-side-window ((side . left) (window-width . 110))))) While display-buffer-overriding-...
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Change and later restore the window configuration of a frame

Imagine I have a frame containing some number of windows—sometimes only one, sometimes split in various ways. Now imagine that one of the displayed windows contains an org-mode buffer. What I want is: ...
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Display attachment to mu4e message (a PDF) in the same window rather than new frame

I am using mu4e and pdf-tools. Whenever I go to open an attached pdf (e.g., with gnus-article-press-button) the attachment pops open in a new frame. How can I control where it pops up? Looking at that ...
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Dired: How to open file with ace-window while keeping focus on dired buffer?

I have this Elisp code that allows me to use ace-window to open a file in a selected window from Dired: (defun find-file-dired-ace-window () "Use ace window to select a window for opening a ...
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Using a predicate function in display-buffer-alist

I want to add a rule to display-buffer-alist, that splits the frame to the right when opening a .pdf file if and only if there is a corresponding .tex file in the same folder. According to the ...
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make `display-buffer` open buffer in new tab

The display-buffer function seems to be used quite heavily within Emacs. It has a lot of options to determine where to open a new buffer (a new window, a new frame, an existing window, etc). Emacs ...
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