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Questions tagged [doc-strings]

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"helm-documentation"? (search docstrings like apropos-documentation but with helm)

I just started using helm-apropos. It's great! Is there a helm equivalent for apropos-documentation or alternatively does helm-apropos have sources already available to narrow over docstrings?
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Optional docstring in defun

After taking a look at the definition of defun in byte-run.el, it seems that the macro does some very interesting things regarding checking for the existence of a docstring. First, it uses a declare ...
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auto intendation on newline doesn't stay at same indentation for python docstring

Ubuntu 19.10 emacs 26.3 from system repos I do use elpy and evil-mode In general when I am editing python code, indentation works just fine. However, when I am editing doc-strings, when I type enter ...
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Is there an existing function to add docstrings, relevant to the current major mode?

In emacs is there a function that I can invoke to add a docstring template based on the current major mode? eg: If I'm working on javascript, insert a javascript docstring template "here", like: /*...
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fill-paragraph for Google style docstrings

When editing an existing docstring in Google style you need to call a function like fill-paragraph to cut the long lines while preserving the proper indentation. However fill-paragraph will not work ...
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Non-filling of lines and paragraphs when using docstrings

I am having a problem with docstrings because everything is written as verbatim without paragraph or line filling. The following for instance puts Malicious and Functionalities on two separate lines. ...
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put function-documentation fails inside own function

How is it that (put 'workbench 'function-documentation does not work inside (defun workbench? (setq workbench-usage "Usage Information.") (defun workbench (&optional prefix name mode) ...
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