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Drag and drop images in org file. NON admin account, windows 10, emacs in user directory

I am new to emacs. Emacs setup: windows 10, no admin rights, emacs unpacked in user directory and works fine for simple org documents - compiling using pandoc and references work fine with org cite. I ...
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1 answer

How to revert Dired drag and drop for dirs to old behavior?

When I drag and drop a directory to Dired in Emacs 26.3, it copies the directory (and its contents) to the directory that Emacs is showing. This is like the behavior in MS Windows explorer. I don't ...
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Drag and drop a file to org buffer to insert a link to this file

On Windows it is possible to create a link holding the Meta (Alt) key while dragging a file. Is it possible to create a link to a file when it is dragged from an Explorer over to emacs holding the ...
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Don't open a HTML link if drag-and-dropped to Emacs

I keep my notes in Markdown. Often I would like to collect various links by drag-and-dropping them from the browser. However, Emacs opens them instead. I know that this is probably what most people ...
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How can I drag-and-drop an `org-mode` header onto the Mac desktop?

John Kitchin has a terrific video on modifying the default drag-n-drop behavior, going from the Mac Finder onto an Emacs buffer. I would like to implement the opposite behavior: dragging an org-mode ...
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Drag selected text with the mouse

In many editors it is standard to move selected text by dragging and dropping it with the mouse. In emacs dragging selection with the mouse starts a new selection by default. This is extremely ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How do I show the filename instead of the file I drag into an Emacs buffer?

I would like to drag and drop an image file into an emacs buffer and make the filename appear instead of the image. Is this possible?
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