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Show cut-off line in mini buffer?

When using ECB, the lines for function names are often long and get cut-off in the sidebar: Is there a way to show the full line that the cursor is at in the mini buffer when it is cut off due to its ...
3 votes
0 answers

Restrict the ECB file tree to files known by projectile OR files not in my .gitignore?

As I am working more and more with these modern "compiles to Javascript" languages my ECB files view becomes more and more cluttered. Projectile seems to get things right out of the box by ignoring ...
1 vote
0 answers

Ways to get ECB Directories buffer to udpate?

I see from a few posts that there's no mechanism for ECB to magically auto-update it's directories buffer, but I would have thought that when using the ecb-create-source and ecb-delete-source ...
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