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Questions tagged [electric-indent]

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1 answer

Evil mode "o" auto indent in text mode - how to turn it off?

When I press o in evil mode (which moves the cursor to the line under, and goes into insert mode), the cursor is indented by two spaces. When I press o, the cursor goes here This happens in text ...
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1 answer

Calling c-electric-brace programmatically

I'm currently extending the tempo.el template insertion system to be sensitive to C styles. Specifically, I want to insert braces using c-electric-brace. How programmatically insertion of braces as ...
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1 answer

Changing indent-tabs-mode and electric-indent-mode in a buffer

I want to change indent-tabs-mode and electric-indent-mode to nil. There exist three possibilities setq-default setq-local setq I think setq-default only changes the behaviour for major modes where ...
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How to make indentation follow beginning of text in list

I want electric-indent or more generally, hitting ENT, to indent the new line to the beginning of text. I'd like this to work with auto-fill as well. Before: 1. This is a long list item that I'll wrap ...
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How can I enable electric indentation for all modes except some?

I am trying to enable electric-indent-mode for all modes except fundamental-mode, where it is just annoying. In my init file, I have the following: (electric-indent-mode +1) (add-hook 'after-change-...
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1 answer

New line and indent without electric mode

I have come to hate the inconsistency of the electric indent mode and I haven't much of a clue about how it works anyways, so I've disabled it and am trying to get the desired behavior from scratch. I ...
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1 answer

Why is electric-indent-mode adding extra indentation after pressing return twice in org source blocks?

When I try to write code in source block in Org mode, pressing return once acts as expected while hitting it a second time increases the indentation to two levels if it's currently less than that. ...
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0 answers

yas-expand doesn't trigger reindent in aggressive-indent-mode

I'm trying to make a call to yas-expand doesn't trigger aggressive-indent. I'm guessing this is because yas-expand, for some reason, doesn't trigger a call to after-change-functions into which ...
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web-mode turn off auto indent on yank [duplicate]

How to turn off auto indent on yank in web mode? As far as I understand, I must call remove-hook with the name of the hook and the function. But how too find them?
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2 answers

Define key binding for a single mode (Fundamental)

In light that this may be a duplicate, but I did not find the answer to my question scouring this site. The default behavior of GNU Emacs appears to have electric-indent-mode enabled, which is fine ...
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3 answers

Python and electric-indent: newline autoindent disregards previous blank line

This is (yet) another question related to electric-indent-mode and Python, but since I couldn't find what I address here in the other ones, here we go. I find the behavior of electric-indent-mode ...
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3 votes
1 answer

SML Mode weird indentation

Whenever I hit enter to get to the next line when writing a function for example emacs indents an addition tabs worth of space. I'll try to sketch out the problem: fun pow(x : int, y : int) = ----...
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Previous indentation is discarded on newline

Let's say I have the following code: void foo(){ ~ } I have marked point with ~. When I press enter the electric indentation works as normal but it doesn't keep the indentation for the previous ...
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2 answers

Getting electric indent behaviour for added chars to "electric-indent-chars"

I am trying to get electric indent behaviour in bazel BUILD files. These are essentially python files, although the structure is extremely simple. Let me give you an example: cc_binary( name = "...
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13 votes
2 answers

Change the behaviour of RET (with electric indent) to only indent the new line, not the previous one asks and answers how to disable electric indent when pressing RET. All ...
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1 answer

Prevent electric-indent-mode from reindenting the current line on RET

I am using the Spacemacs configuration files. When I am typing code, electric-indent-mode reindents the current line whenever I press enter. This often causes the indentation to be incorrect when ...
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