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*ONLY* for questions about Emacs Lisp as a language, compared to other languages, in particular, compared to other Lisp dialects. That is, it is for questions *about the language* itself. *DO NOT USE IT* for questions about *using* Emacs Lisp. Emacs Lisp is the scripting and programming language that the Emacs editor is built on.

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Structure-preserving copying of sequences

The form (cl-copy-tree TREE t) returns a deep-copy of a sequence TREE. The the Common Lisp Hyper Spec explains that copy-tree does not preserve circularities and sharing of substructures. I.e., even ...
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Is there an ELISP decompiler?

I'm thinking of writing one so that when I get those horrible tracebacks from bytecode files, I can better see where I was at. Is there one already? Are there any other tools for showing an error ...
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Handle a SLIME/Swank error in Elisp

Is it possible to handle a SLIME/Swank error in Emacs Lisp? For example, suppose I have a Lisp buffer with a syntax error in it. How can I do something like: (condition-case nil (slime-eval-...
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guile emacs integration update?

Is Guile Emacs, the project to integrate a guile-based elisp interpreter, still alive? It was making headway a few years ago, and seemed like a promising project. Is it on hold because of lack of ...
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How can I export particular org files/headings with export settings to specified filenames?

I'd like to export headings with particular names/tags, with a particular set of export options, to particular file locations. I'd like to do this all via elisp, so that I can have it part of a ...
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Insert output of slow external process in current buffer, character-by-character

Imagine in the current buffer I have the text: Hello Bye I want to call an external program and add the output of it at the end of the buffer. The tricky thing is that the external program provides ...
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Export a particular org heading with elisp?

I'd like to specify a heading (using either link or agenda syntax) and export just that heading as a file, using elisp. I'm not trying to do this - since this specifies the file to export to in the ...
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My function seems to not know a variable has changed and gives the wrong output

I want to change the shebang string every time I create a new Python file, some projects use Python 2 and other use Python 3, so the shebang should change according to the value of a variable in the ....
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Unwrapping password from auth-sources

I'm using auth-source-search to retrieve passwords from ~/.authinfo.gpg. According to the documentation I may have to unwrap the secret property because it's in a function. (let ((secret (plist-get ...
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Byte Compiling Functions Using `defalias` for `progn`

The following code: (defalias 'new-progn 'progn) (defun foo () (new-progn "foo")) (byte-compile 'foo) (foo) gives this error: Debugger entered--Lisp error: (invalid-function #<subr progn>) ...
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