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elscreen on startup

I installed elscreen through melpa & it works if I open the emacs and type M-x elscreen-start. How to start the elscreen automatically? (require 'elscreen) in .emacs does NOT automatically start ...
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Open multiple files in different tabs when starting emacs

I'm using Emacs on Windows. I plan on making a shortcut to Emacs for quick access. However, I have 3 files that should always be opened when I start emacs (ideally in 3 separate tabs), and I want ...
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1 answer

helm-projectile with elscreen

I'm on day 2 of my switch from 15 years of Vim to Evil Emacs -- so I'm just starting learning how to customize emacs and how to read elisp. Question 1 I'm trying to use helm-projectile-find-file ...
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Tabs bar (for accessing windows/buffers) as a single, one-line bar

Is there a solution to create and manage window/buffer tabs on a single one-line tabs bar? I tried Elscreen, but it creates an annoying bars all over the buffers.
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How remove the numbers and cross on Elscreen tab?

I use Elscreen, a sort of screen ulitily manager. It's like tabs like you have in Chrome. I use when I have too many buffers/windows to handle it, and when I run 2 different projects next to each ...
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Using evil and elscreen together

I just started using evil-mode after having used elscreen for a long time. evil-mode will bind the C-z key to evil-emacs-state but do you know how I can rebind either this function, or the elscreen ...