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Where is pixel-scroll-precision-use-momentum described in more detail?

Precision scrolling in Emacs 29 introduces several variables to control the momentum effect while scrolling. Are these terms defined anywhere in more detail, possibly by using a formula or two to ...
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What steps should I take to troubleshoot use-package not loading packages

I'm using emacs 29.1 on Windows. I have extracted the emacs folder to a corporate OneDrive. I have a home folder set up with emacs-29.1\share\emacs\site-lisp\site-start.el with (setenv "HOME"...
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How to build Emacs29 with tree-sitter without sudo

Here are the commands I'm running First I install tree-sitter make PREFIX=${HOME}/.tree-sitter make PREFIX=${HOME}/.tree-sitter install This populates ~/.tree-sitter directory ├── include │   └── ...
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Transition to emacs 29.1, "Eager macro-expansion failure" error at startup

On windows 10 at this time. Transitioning from emacs 27.2 -> 29.1 Emacs 27.2 starts up and runs the code in the .emacs and custom file ok. Downloaded emacs 29.1 to try it out. Emacs 29.1 errors out ...
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Seq-Keep is void when installing magit through use-package

I've been attempting to use magit but it keeps throwing an error that seq-keep is void. I started up emacs only installing use-package and magit and the issue persists. However, when I installed magit ...
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language specific tree-sitter major mode wont show up

I'm using GNU Emacs 29.1 and have installed the tree-sitter haskell grammar: via treesit-install-language-grammar but somehow haskell-ts-mode wont show up as a major mode ...
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What to use instead of linum-mode in Emacs 29?

It seems that Emacs 29.1 has deprecated linum-mode. I haven't found a replacement yet. On ELPA I see nlinum-mode, but that seems to use linum, too. So what is the official replacement?
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Why does emacs-29 translates meta to meta+hyper ("M-somekey" to "H-M-somekey")?

With emacs 28 everything worked fine. After installing emacs-29 I see the following: for example typing "Meta + w" creates "H-M-w" which is undefined. With emacs-28 I got "M-w ...
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