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What steps should I take to troubleshoot use-package not loading packages

I'm using emacs 29.1 on Windows. I have extracted the emacs folder to a corporate OneDrive. I have a home folder set up with emacs-29.1\share\emacs\site-lisp\site-start.el with (setenv "HOME"...
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How to build Emacs29 with tree-sitter without sudo

Here are the commands I'm running First I install tree-sitter make PREFIX=${HOME}/.tree-sitter make PREFIX=${HOME}/.tree-sitter install This populates ~/.tree-sitter directory ├── include │   └── ...
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Transition to emacs 29.1, "Eager macro-expansion failure" error at startup

On windows 10 at this time. Transitioning from emacs 27.2 -> 29.1 Emacs 27.2 starts up and runs the code in the .emacs and custom file ok. Downloaded emacs 29.1 to try it out. Emacs 29.1 errors out ...
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Seq-Keep is void when installing magit through use-package

I've been attempting to use magit but it keeps throwing an error that seq-keep is void. I started up emacs only installing use-package and magit and the issue persists. However, when I installed magit ...
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language specific tree-sitter major mode wont show up

I'm using GNU Emacs 29.1 and have installed the tree-sitter haskell grammar: via treesit-install-language-grammar but somehow haskell-ts-mode wont show up as a major mode ...
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What to use instead of linum-mode in Emacs 29?

It seems that Emacs 29.1 has deprecated linum-mode. I haven't found a replacement yet. On ELPA I see nlinum-mode, but that seems to use linum, too. So what is the official replacement?
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Why does emacs-29 translates meta to meta+hyper ("M-somekey" to "H-M-somekey")?

With emacs 28 everything worked fine. After installing emacs-29 I see the following: for example typing "Meta + w" creates "H-M-w" which is undefined. With emacs-28 I got "M-w ...
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