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1 answer

Assign an additional character to introduce comments in Emacs Lisp

I hope this doesn't sound too crazy. One of the traditions of the Lisp language is that one can create custom languages. I've customized minor things of Emacs Lisp like creating aliases like: def ->...
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1 answer

Cannot expand yasnippets in .el files

I want to use yasnippet in three modes. I have this in my init.el: ;;; Yasnippet (use-package yasnippet :commands yas-minor-mode :config (yas-reload-all) :hook ((org-mode text-mode emacs-lisp-...
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How can I disable some warnings about function comments in lisp-mode

I am having a file open with lisp code that has some functions written. The file has elisp-mode as a major mode. Emacs shows highlighting and errors on lines with functions that some function ...
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Change indent for function calls in Emacs Lisp?

While writing the question I found a viable workaround solution for myself, so I am posting it as Q&A. I am leaving the question open, because my workaround does not allow to set the amount by ...
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Highlight matching parenthesis, only in Lisp mode (and maybe a few similar modes)

is there a way to have the global minor mode show-paren-mode functionality as a buffer-local minor mode? I love its behavior but only for Lisp. Searching for a package I can see a number of close ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Adjusting indenting for lisp if statements

I am learning common lisp and am trying to follow the style guide suggested by In this style guide is an if statement style that I think makes the code more readable: (if (cond) (...
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1 answer

how to generate tags and find mark-whole-buffer definition

I am following the Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp tutorial built in in Emacs and have arrived at the Buffer Walk-through section. In the 4.1 Finding more information the function xref-find-...
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1 answer

Unexpected indentation in backquoted list starting with comma function call

When I write a backquotedlist that starts with ,( emacs aligns the remaining items to the parenthesis and not to the comma; e.g.: (defun kb-test1 () `(,(hello) fdefef ,(fefesd))) (...
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Slow Emacs at editing elisp files

When editing .el files my Emacs is very slow. The larger the file, the worse it behaves, it is especially visible while scrolling or using autocompletion of any kind. It becomes pretty visibly slow at ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Please explain the behaviour of this emacs feature. (Lisp Interaction mode, truncate long lines)

Sometimes when a function or variable outputs a very long line, it ends with ...). When the cursor is on that line and I press return, the line gets longer (probably expanded). I guess this is some ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Emacs-Lisp mode indentation problem when doc string contains left parenthesis in first column

Usually when I write Lisp code (in an Emacs-Lisp mode buffer), I can press TAB (bound to indent-for-tab-command) to indent code properly. However, if I write a defun with a docstring (longer than one ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to "copy" Scheme or Lisp code from one window to another window in Emacs?

I saw a teacher in iTunes U doing this: have 2 windows open in Emacs, the top is the Scheme (or Lisp) source code, and the bottom is the Scheme interpreter. He seems to press something on the ...
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6 votes
1 answer

How to change lisp mode indentation style

I'm not a lisp programmer. But I'm an emacs user, so I use elisp from times to times to do simple scripting. I'm not familiar with lisp style and I'm quite incompatible with it. Default indents ...
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2 answers

How do I edit code in REPL after saving it in Emacs?

Alright I apologize if this has been asked, but I cannot seem to find this problem through searching. I am trying to figure out how to work on code in Emacs and when I come back open it again to edit ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Changing fill-column of elisp docstrings

When I'm writing the docstring for a defun or a defvar, if hit M-q the paragraph always gets filled to 65 characters, regardless of the value of fill-column. Q. How can I get fill-paragraph to always ...
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0 answers

Dead keys not working in Emacs-Lisp mode *only*

I've been having a really annoying bug when editing elisp files recently: dead keys do not work, but only when I am in Emacs-Lisp mode. If I type a key that is configured as a dead key (say, '), I get ...
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20 votes
4 answers

Why does lisp-interaction-mode exist, and do we ever need it?

Q: Why does lisp-interaction-mode exist, and are there any reasons to use it instead of emacs-lisp-mode? The manual states that emacs-lisp-mode and lisp-interaction-mode are identical except that the ...
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How to turn off "error" highlighting in emacs-lisp-mode for Emacs 25?

Since the update, a certain style of formatting code is highlighted with font-lock-warning-face: How do I turn off this behavior?
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