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Questions tagged [emacs-lisp-mode]

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20 votes
4 answers

Why does lisp-interaction-mode exist, and do we ever need it?

Q: Why does lisp-interaction-mode exist, and are there any reasons to use it instead of emacs-lisp-mode? The manual states that emacs-lisp-mode and lisp-interaction-mode are identical except that the ...
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6 votes
1 answer

How to change lisp mode indentation style

I'm not a lisp programmer. But I'm an emacs user, so I use elisp from times to times to do simple scripting. I'm not familiar with lisp style and I'm quite incompatible with it. Default indents ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Please explain the behaviour of this emacs feature. (Lisp Interaction mode, truncate long lines)

Sometimes when a function or variable outputs a very long line, it ends with ...). When the cursor is on that line and I press return, the line gets longer (probably expanded). I guess this is some ...
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1 answer

Emacs-Lisp mode indentation problem when doc string contains left parenthesis in first column

Usually when I write Lisp code (in an Emacs-Lisp mode buffer), I can press TAB (bound to indent-for-tab-command) to indent code properly. However, if I write a defun with a docstring (longer than one ...
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