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Org mode export to HTML not opening in browser in cygwin emacs-w32

When I do C-c C-e h o the file opens in an Emacs buffer instead of my default browser which is odd because org-mode links do open in the browser as is the case when I preview a file from web-mode, so ...
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2 answers

Unbind CUA <C-return> key only in dired mode

Goal: unbind <C-return> key ONLY in dired mode in order to rebind it to dired-w32explore. My configuration is using use-package with something like this: (use-package dired :init (unbind-...
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Emacs super key modifier on Caps Lock in Windows native and Cygwin emacs-w32

I use super modifier because it is transparent to any keymap (for example there is no need for C-c C-j or C-c C-x o in term terminal mode, any s-... command just works). Under X I use xmodmap. Under ...
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