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Automatically merge files

When opening an A file, I'd like to check if there's a conflicting file B that follows some naming convention. If this happens, I'd like to transparently merge the content of B in A, keeping an ...
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Merge org-mode files wirth emerge

I am using the excellent emerge-files command to merge two files regularly to handle conflict when syncing two computers. However when used on org-mode files, in the split-windows at the top that ...
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How to efficiently merge 2 buffers which are partially overlapping?

Problem summary Imagine, you have 2 shopping lists: 1 huge one with hundreds of entries - list A, copied into buffer A 1 containing dozens of entries - list B, copied into buffer B Then: 75% of ...
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Is there a way to ask Emerge to "pick both"?

As far as I can see I only have the options to pick either A, or B, but not both. I occasionally want to pick both A and B. I know I can just go to the C buffer and edit the file by hand, but it ...
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How do you hook up git to emerge through emacsclient?

I previously had the following script in a file called .emacs.d/emerge-for-git: #!/bin/sh emacs -Q $* And In my .gitconfig: [merge] tool = emerge [mergetool "emerge"] path = /home/rovanion/....
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