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Picking emoji fonts in Emacs?

How to set the font used for emojis in Emacs? More specifically, how do I set it to Noto Monochrome Emoji Font?
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1 answer

Color emoji arrows in emacs

I have attempted to setup emacs 28.2 to display color emojis using the Noto Color Emoji font. According to a "Font Manager" program (provided by font-manager Debian package), the following ...
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2 answers

List out emojis

I am looking for a way to list out a complete "dictionary" of all the Emojis and their codes as shown here I want the text in the boxes to be searchable as they are in this overview This ...
1 vote
1 answer

How would you remove all emojis from string?

Basically what the title says, I'm looking for the best way to remove all emojis from a string.