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A set of dynamic variables that can affect the running processes.

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How to use doom emacs as a golang ide quickly?

I installed the newest doom emacs on macOS. Also configed language packages as $ emacs ~/.doom.d/init.el :lang (go +lsp) :tools lsp $ ~/.emacs.d/bin/doom sync When I open a .go file, the code became ...
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indent items in auctex

What I would like to achieve is a deeper indentation of lines in items in Auctex. \begin{itemize} \item This is what I would like to achieve. The beginning of the second line aligns with ...
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.bashrc environment variables not picked up by Spacemacs?

I've added a few environment variables to my .bashrc file, some of these are paths to customized bin/programs, such as: export MY_ENV_PATH_VAR=/home/user/path/to/bin I've refreshed spacemacs' ....
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Use conda environment in ansi-term

I would like to be able to use conda activate to switch between environments in ansi-term. I am running bash in ansi-term from Emacs 27.1 on MacOS Catalina. Currently, executing conda activate <...
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How to not display environment variable in org-babel src block?

I want the effect of this: #+BEGIN_SRC shell :dir src CC=gcc-9 make #+END_SRC But I don't want CC=gcc-9 to show up in the output. Is there a way to somehow include the environment variable in the ...
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Emacs on Windows sets DISPLAY to w32

I stumbled upon the fact that Emacs on Windows sets the environment variable DISPLAY to w32 (if the variable is not already set). This causes problems for example with OpenSSH. What is the use case ...
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problems with rbenv integration

I recently changed from rvm to rbenv to manage my ruby environments and gems with bundle instead of rvm gemsets. It worked well and I'm quite happy with the change. The only big problem is to manage ...
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Storing and Loading Non-Static/Multiple Configs

I'm writing an emacs wrapper to a set of scripts that require a lot of config settings to run. These can be variously environment variables, command line parameters and so forth. They should be user ...
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Emacs doesn't use macOS's /etc/launchd.conf env variables

Emacs doesn't use macOS's /etc/launchd.conf env variables. I have the following there: function addToPATH { case ":$PATH:" in *":$1:"*) :;; # already there *) PATH="$1:$PATH";; # ...
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load environment variables of virtual environment in emacs

What is the best way to load in emacs the environment variables of a virtualenv? I seem to have got virtualenvwrapper.el working. For example, after using venv-workon my_venv, then M-! printenv ...
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Shell Environment in emacs sessions

I noticed that terminal-based emacs and GUI emacs seems to work differently in terms of shell environment, even if they are started in the same terminal session. For example, I'm working with roslisp ...
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How to make inferior shell inherit environment variable?

I would like to set the environment variables defined within Emacs available to inferior shells launched afterwards. My use-case is to be able to switch Python (conda) environment within Emacs. If I ...
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open file specified via environment variable

Environment variables that points to specific location are of common occurrence. $HOME, $XDG_CACHE_HOME, %LOCALAPPDATA% and many more. It is pretty convenient to open files (and directories) just by ...
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How to set English as the default input method?

For some reason I cannot set english, only british as the input method. I am writing a function to switch language from spanish-postfix to english, but english is not working, only british. I have ...
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