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How do I get ergoemacs-mode set to default without "Symbol's function definition is void: ergoemacs-mode" error

Running windows 8.1, package intallation went fine. Enabling with M-x ergoemacs-mode works like a charm, but doing this every time I start up Emacs gets quite tiresome. adding (setq ergoemacs-...
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Trying to use ergoemacs on Mac

I have been trying to get Ergoemacs working on Mac for about 2 weeks now and I have finally managed to get it working using a combo of: Ignoring Mac's supplied ancient build of Emacs Installing from ...
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Minibuffer and ido keybindings with ergoemacs-mode

I'm struggling to get the same hotkeys in the latest ergoemacs-mode (as they were in ergoemacs 5.3.7): In the M-x (execute-extended-command) command prompt I want M-i to act as previous-line-or-...
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Symbol's function definition is void: ergoemacs-theme-option-on

This page of ergoemacs-mode documentation tells about ergoemacs-theme-option-on function that can disable some optional keybindings. When I try to use this function emacs throws an error. Besides this ...
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