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Questions tagged [ert]

ERT is a tool for automated testing in Emacs Lisp. Its main features are facilities for defining tests, running them and reporting the results, and for debugging test failures interactively.

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How to impose a timeout on ert tests?

When using ert I'd sometimes like to have tests abort after some timeout. I could program this in advance in the test-case but this is not what I need. Imagine a situation where I use ert-run-tests-...
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How to test for Warning using ERT?

I want to check for a warning but not sure how to go about it. My warning is: Warning (my-func-file-not-found): /path/to/somefile.txt This is created with display-warning 'my-func-file-not-found. I ...
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ert and elint: Use (eval-when-compile (ert-deftest ....))?

I'm trying elint for the first time, because I just learned that it reports things that bytecode compiling doesn't. Mainly it is showing me a few missing requires, which I'm adding. Only a tests.el ...
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