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Process unread-command-events and redisplay

(defun pretend (keys) (dolist (e (reverse (listify-key-sequence (kbd keys)))) (push e unread-command-events) ;; (mystery-function) (redisplay t) (sleep-for 0.1))) (pretend "M-x my-...
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How to use unread-command-events variable?

I want to generate some input from my command programmatically. I have tried using unread-command-events variable for that, see: (defun unread_test () "Repeat input after toggling input method" (...
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4 votes
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Can a command determine the event sequence that invoked it?

I have a command that I would like to bind to multiple key sequences differing only in the final decimal digit (e.g. C-. 0, C-. 1, ..., C-. 9). The command needs to determine that final digit. I ...
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Avoiding screen flickering when one theme is disabled and another enabled (inhibit redraw???)

Is it possible to temporarily disable buffer (and frame) redraws? I particuarly mean situation, when I disable some theme and enable another one, and would like to avoid a moment when emacs flashes ...
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