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define a new evil command

I'm trying to reverse some words, and I have it set up where I can visually select them and hit ,rw to reverse them. How do I set it up so ,rw also works with a motion. E.g. ,rw3w to reverse 3 words? ...
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evil text objects for code object at point?

I use text objects with evil like "i(" for the contents of the brackets. I would quite like "magic code aware text objects"? This textobject would: return the entire function if I ...
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How do I select the nearest `evil-text-object` enclosed in one of () [] {} <> without having to provide the paren char explicitly

I have problems when using the suggestion from here Code faster by extending Emacs EVIL text object (require 'dash) (defun jds~evil-paren-range (count beg end type inclusive) (->> '((?\( . ?\))...
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