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Questions tagged [fedora]

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Systemd starts emacs daemon without XAUTHORITY environment variable after upgrading to Fedora 37

Problem I am running Emacs daemon as a user service using Systemd, following the documentation in EmacsWiki. I configured it while using Fedora-36, and everything was working as expected. Once I ...
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1 answer

Newbie to emacs. need help

Are there any good resources that anyone can suggest. I rate myself 3 out of 10 when it comes to using editors like vim
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emacs in putty session on fedora under virtual box on windows 10 hangs on X11 paste

I suffer a rangy environment where I typically will run emacs in a putty session on fedora under virtual box on windows 10. Sometimes (not all of the time), pasting into the emacs will hang the ...
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Downgrading Emacs in Fedora via 'dnf'

My problems with emacs 26-1 are discussed at this link : Emacs 26-1 Problems : find-file and neotree The following link discusses using dnf to installing a previous version of a package: https://unix....
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