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How can I get Emacs 21-style file-name completion in GNU Emacs 25.1.1?

How can I make file-name completion in GNU Emacs 25.1.1 act like it did in version 21.x.x? There are a few things that bother me: The *Completions* buffer opens up in a custom fit-to-content window. ...
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Is there a predefined way to detect if a file is a Unix socket?

Are there predefined Emacs functions to check if a file is a Unix socket? The best I could come up with is the following code. (defun socket-p (fname) "Return non-nil if FNAME is a Unix Socket, ...
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Configure Emacs to Respect Windows File Attributes?

Is it possible to configure Emacs under Windows to respect the 'hidden' and 'system' NTFS file attributes for example by filtering out these files during selection of filename completion candidates in ...
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How to fix the directory drive letter in eshell to run a NextJS project?

This bug is hard to describe, so I'll tell you how to recreate it. I'm on Windows 10, emacs 27.2, & node v16.13.0. Here are the steps: Open a default emacs (no init) with emacs -Q from powershell ...
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Automatically loading a bibliography file depending on buffer filename

I use org-mode to write a paper, with RefTeX as minor-mode to insert quotations from a BibTeX (.bib) file. RefTeX needs to be told which .bib file to use. This is done by assigning a value to reftex-...
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org-agenda column view: displaying abbreviated FILE property

I would like to display file names in my global TODO list in column view without directories and extensions. (setq org-columns-default-format "%TODO %FILE %ITEM") followed by C-catC-cC-xC-c leads to ...
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Is there a way to configure Emacs to never use a leading ~ whenever it needs to show me a path name?

In almost every situation I come across (e.g. in *BufferList*, in the pre-populated argument prefix for find-file, etc., etc.), Emacs uses a leading ~ in the paths to any files or directories under my ...
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A file I was using for org-capture has been renamed (*filename*.org -> *filename* (1).org, is this normal?

I wanted to rule out this being a feature of org-capture, maybe a result of manually editing the file or something? If anyone has any other suggestions as to what else could have caused it I would be ...
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How to automatically convert between remote and local file names?

I have /local/laptop/dir mounted in my Docker container at /container/path. In Emacs tramp terms, it is /docker:container-id:/container/path. This also comes up when the user ssh to a remote system ...
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How to define absolute directory paths and use them as file prefixes in org files

I need to represent absolute paths to several directories by some constant names to use them as prefixes in org mode for a number of files contained in each of these directories. For instance they ...
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Dired move file with quotation

When I do dired-do-copy on a file with a quotation for example "test"f.txt, I get the following error when copying/moving file with quotation symbols Copy ‘/home/user/Music/"test"f.txt’ to ‘/media/...
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