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3 answers

Fuzzy search for directory when you don't know the full directory name

Say I want to find a directory like: foo/bar/bazz/bar/directory_name_looking_for/stuff.xml And I don't know the intermediate directory paths, or the full directory name, but remember that the ...
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0 answers

Minimum length for ido-completing-read

I'm trying to write an ido-completing-read-powered backend for projectile-find-tag. However, for really big TAG files, this is ridiculously slow when the user starts typing because there are so many ...
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2 answers

Global keybindings don't work in 'smex'

I've installed smex through MELPA as a replacement for the default M-x (execute-extended-command). The issue is that in smex, certain global keybindings don't work. For instance, C-h should work as ...
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1 answer

How do I make ido switch to the buffer suggested by the tab-completion candidate?

I use ido for switching buffers, and it is awesome. I also have (flx-ido mode t) in my init file. I have run into a problem that causes me to switch to a buffer different from what I was expecting. I ...
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1 answer

How do I bind keys in ido?

I'm trying Projectile + ido + flx-ido (just for Projectile, ido-mode disabled otherwise). But: I don't like using right and left to switch between items. I want to change them into up and down, but ...
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5 votes
1 answer

M-x sometimes doesn't show me the right options (smex?)

This is most likely a problem with a plugin (caching options, using LRU, etc?), but I'm not good enough to really troubleshoot it. My complete dotfiles (not very extensive) can be found here I use ...
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