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Follow-mode makes side-by-side windows showing the same buffer act as one very tall window.

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How to modify follow.el elisp script to keep the point/cursor in the active window?

If I enable follow-mode in Emacs the behavior of this mode is that the point/cursor leaves the active window if there is another window showing already the text the active window should scroll to. But ...
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Swap 2 Windows Associated by “Follow Mode”

Say a frame is split (by C-x 3) into 2 windows that both display the same buffer. If I enable follow-mode, the left window will always display the content closer to the beginning-of-buffer than the ...
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Agenda follow mode and window behaviour

I would like agenda follow mode to not use a different frame, but the same frame where the agenda is showing. My agenda buffer is always showing in a frame divided vertically (into two windows, left ...
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Differences between "helm-follow-mode" and "follow-mode"

"helm-follow-mode" vs. "follow-mode" Basically: what is the difference between their behaviours?
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how to advance one whole virtual window in follow-mode?

Is there a command for Emacs's follow-mode that will advance the text by a whole 'virtual window' rather than just the height of a column? Desired effect: Upon reaching the end of column 4, press PgDn ...
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How to make org agenda `follow-mode` show heading (not timestamp line)?

I like to browse history of org file with follow-mode. With old Emacs version 24.5.1 (org version 8.2.10), it showed timestamp line in highlight status when I browse. But with recent Emacs version ...
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Follow mode for describe-function/describe-variable

When learning elisp by reading source code (on a large screen) it would be nice to have something like a "follow mode", which automaticaly displays the output of describe-variable or describe-function ...
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Enable follow-mode in dired

Upon working on org agenda, it's super convenient to employ (org-agenda-follow-mode) The Org Manual: Agenda Commands It display the original contents on other window instantly while scrolling ...
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How to make helm-mark-ring/helm-imenu follow current candidate

When I use helm-mark-ring or helm-imenu, I would like to jump to the current candidate automatically in the other buffer while keeping the helm session (i.e., similar to helm-swoop). I tried the ...
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Is it possible to display a text file in two or more columns without changing the text file itself?

Is it possible to display a text file in two or more columns without changing the text file itself? I sometimes deal with a text file that contains a long list each of whose items are short. By ...
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Enable follow-mode for PDF in doc-view/pdf-view-mode

Is it possible to customize follow mode to open the next PDF page in another buffer? Currently follow-mode has no effect on PDF files.
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