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The `'append` argument for `set-fontset-font` doesn't work

After reading Modifying-Fontsets, I started trying out the fontset fallback mechanism in Emacs 29.3. (set-face-attribute 'default nil :font (font-spec :family "Courier New" :size 24)) (set-...
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How can I override character ranges in 'default font'?

There are two widely used interfaces that can change fonts in Emacs: set-face-attribute set-fontset-font. If I understand correctly set-face-attribute can set main font (or default font) and set-...
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Specify the size of a font in a fontset, but let it be scaled by `text-scale-adjust`

I want to use Inconsolata LGC's Greek with Inconsolata (plain Inconsolata has better hinting than Inconsolata LGC). I've set up a fontset (of course these are things you copy from Stack Exchange) (...
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Color emoji arrows in emacs

I have attempted to setup emacs 28.2 to display color emojis using the Noto Color Emoji font. According to a "Font Manager" program (provided by font-manager Debian package), the following ...
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`buffer-face-mode` does not work with custom fontset

I can not change family and size of a custom fontset in buffer-face-mode. Below is the minimal test config (create-fontset-from-fontset-spec (font-xlfd-name (font-spec :registry "fontset-mine&...
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Since Emacs 28: A new font problem with Arabic

Since Emacs 28 I have a new problem with Arabic fonts. I can't change the Arabic characters to the font of DejaVu Sans Mono (or others). This wasn't a problem before. The old one: As you can see the ...
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How can I apply a user-defined fontset to a face?

Say I create a fontset and populate it with fonts: (create-fontset-from-fontset-spec (font-xlfd-name (font-spec :registry "fontset-mine"))) (set-fontset-font "fontset-mine" 'latin ...
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