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Pass future date to format-time-string

I want to be able to evaluate something like (format-time-string "%A"), but have it return tomorrow's date instead of today's (or next week's, etc.)
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Return a time zone string from a function

Is this how I can return a time zone string from a function? (defun timezone (ptz) "Gets the Posix Timezone String for major locations." (cond ((equal ptz "Alaska") ...
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How to compare date strings?

I have a LaTeX package declared with a date: \usepackage{foo}[=2021-04-01] and I need to check if this date is before or after "2021-03-01". Is there a way to compare dates, like (if (< ...
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Inserting timestamp in mini buffer in Emacs

I keep on saving various org files in their respective folders using Filename as files . So I ended up typing C-x C-w at least thirty times today. Can this process be ...
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Check whether a string is a date in a specific format, e.g. "%Y-%m-%d"

I have a string and would like to check whether it contains a date in a given date format, e.g. "%Y-%m-%d", with format as for format-time-string. This is for a package and users can configure the ...
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