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2 answers

Problem with not functioning skip-chars-forward

Context: Linux Mint 21 Cinnamon, Emacs 27.1 lucid installed from repository, self compiled 28.4 gtk and 29.0.60 lucid. How to reproduce the problem? Start Emacs with emacs -Q Change the current ...
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How to leave cursor at beginning of searched text in isearch?

Say I have this text: |Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Where the | is the cursor, at the beginning of the line. I want to jump to the next occurrence of the sequence "...
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1 answer

use search-forward to determine bound of another search-forward

I'm trying to use lisp to search for a pattern bounded by another one across a BiBTeX file. Let's say the following is the file I want to search in % Created using Papers on Wed, 07 Apr 2021. %% http:/...
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Replacing with context information

When writing latex sometimes I reuse old documents that use the siunitx package and use the \SI command. Then I often want to include the calculations via pythontex and replace (in a region) \SI with ...
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Sync Emacs with Okular

To sync (I mean to have forward and reverse search working) Emacs with Okular ( I usually use this command: okular -geometry 983x1388+47--10 --unique file.pdf & emacs file....
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