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Questions tagged [frame-parameters]

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start emacsclient with specific window geometry

I am trying to convert my existing emacs setup to a client/daemon configuration. A lot works as intended, but I do not manage to set the frame geometry to a fixed size. I do have the following in my ....
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Can't remove the title bar and get transparency working at the same time

In the never-ending quest to get a clean setup, I decided to remove the title bar from my emacs using the line (setq default-frame-alist '((undecorated . t))) However this seems to entirely remove ...
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emacs starts in extremely tiny window

Emacs has been starting up in an extremely small window for some reason. The text size is normal, but the window is something like 3 lines tall x 10 chars wide. Of course I can use my mouse and just ...
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3 answers

Save/Restore Position and Size of Last Closed Frame

Say there're 3 frames Fa Fb Fc. Then I closed Fa Fc, Emacs needs to remember nothing; instead, Fb is the one that needs to be saved its parameters, because it's the only frame on the desktop. Then ...
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Setting position of initial frame from user defined values

I would like to set the frame position of the initial frame, by letting the user position the frame where he wants. I can then save the cons cell in a variable which will then be used for set-frame-...
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2 answers

Customisation for comment delimiter colour based on light or dark theme

I would like to adapt the emacs customisation for comment delimiter colour to change according to light or dark background. How is this customarily done? (defun annot () "Customisation for ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to include name of current tab and its buffer in the frame title?

I would like the title my frames to show "<name of tab>: <name of buffer in active window>". Presently, frame-title-format has its default value of %b, which shows only the name ...
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1 answer

How does Emacs decide whether a frame's background-mode is light or dark, and how can I affect the decision?

I am finding that in some cases (e.g. when TERM=xterm-16color), the expression (frame-parameter nil 'background-mode) ...evaluates to light when it is in fact a dark background. How does Emacs decide ...
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Why don't my frame titles update?

I run Emacs 27.1 on my MacOS MBP and use desktop-mode. After starting emacs (with frames re-created by the desktop restore), the frame titles are wrong and seem to remain wrong until I do something ...
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