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Show file name in `frame-title-format` in `vertico-posframe`

I have (setq frame-title-format "%b") in my Emacs config. And it works properly. But I also use the vertico-posframe package. Every time I go into the vertico-posframe frame the frame title ...
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Change Frame Title

I'm reading here that I can change frame title, like this (setq frame-title-format "Church of Emacs") , but nothing seems to happen, when listing the window titles: $wmctrl -l 0x05e000aa 0 ...
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setq-default not taking effect for emacs

I am having trouble getting emacs title to show full path, I followed below thread and copied the setq-default cmd into my ~/.emacs, but it still shows emacs@host in the title. I am using emacs 24.3.1 ...
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show current line number and max line count in title bar

I managed to display the current buffer and complete file path in the title bar with the following snippet (setq frame-title-format '(buffer-file-name "%b - %f" ; ...
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How to include name of current tab and its buffer in the frame title?

I would like the title my frames to show "<name of tab>: <name of buffer in active window>". Presently, frame-title-format has its default value of %b, which shows only the name ...
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making the frame title more informative

The frame title I can see in an emacs window on my computer running Windows 11 is "emacs@NEYMAN", where "Neyman" is the computer name. Is it possible to make the frame title more ...
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How to remove emacs frametitle and surrounding space

(setq frame-title-format "") removes the emacs frame title but leaves a blank space. How can I remove this blank space? I want to remove this blank space so that I have more screen space ...
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Why don't my frame titles update?

I run Emacs 27.1 on my MacOS MBP and use desktop-mode. After starting emacs (with frames re-created by the desktop restore), the frame titles are wrong and seem to remain wrong until I do something ...
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Abbreviate "/home/user/file" to "~/file" in formatted fields (frame-title-format, etc.)

I have Emacs display the full path of the file in my window title: (setq-default frame-title-format '("%f [%m] - Emacs")) And in my mode-line: (setq-default mode-line-buffer-identification ...
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