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Preventing shell mode from treating ! as a history reference

Various command-line tools, such as gdb, ftp, sftp, etc, use ! to prefix a command to be run in a shell. So (for instance) !mkdir foo will make a directory called foo. When using these tools inside ...
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Problems with FTP connection via Tramp

I try to create FTP connection via Tramp, but the output I get on AngeFTP is: ftp> open android.local ftp: Can't connect to `': Connection refused ftp: Can't connect to `android....
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How can I get an ftp connection to stop timing out in emacs?

I'm using M-x shell in Emacs and just connecting through vanilla ftp from the command line (bash). I remember (many moons ago) I came across a script for Emacs that'd keep a persistent ftp connection ...
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How to set FTP TRAMP/ANGE connection configuration

With SSH I can add connections to my SSH config file at /.ssh/config Once added to the config file emacs will auto-complete these connections when using tramp integrations like find-file /ssh: I ...
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Tramp FTP cant connect. tramp-file-name-handler: Host name must not match method "ftp"

I am trying to connect ftp using tramp I am using C-x C-f /ftp:[email protected] I get an error message in the mini buffer: tramp-file-name-handler: Host name must not match method "...
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Making Dired work with FTP on OS X 10.13

So apparently Apple has (stupidly) dropped support for "insecure" Unix commands such as telnet, ftp, etc. in 10.13, or "High Sierra" (see these threads for more info). Unfortunately, I use Dired as an ...
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Problem with FTP connections under Windows

Say I have an org-link like [[file:/ftp:[email protected]:]] to an FTP site that I would like to open in dired. Unfortunately, when opening the link, the following is prompted: Opening FTP ...
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auth-password-store for ftp over tramp

When accessing remote ftp server with tramp C-x C-f /ftp:user@host#port/ tramp asks me for password. I also use auth-password-store to store passwords in a pass-compatibale fashion, that is, host is ...
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ange-ftp problem on cygwin emacs

I've hit a brick wall with this. I'm running cygwin on a Windows 7 machine. I can't connect vai ange-ftp to an ftp server, hosted by I do C-x C-f /[email protected]: (to get a dir ...
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Link to password-protected FTP server in org-mode

I can't figure out the correct syntax for a link to a password-protected FTP site. I want to insert a link in org-mode, which opens a remote FTP server at a given directory in dired. When I try /...
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2 answers

Password/Key Management for multiple machines in emacs

I log into numerous machines as part of my job (+- 20 per day). I only spend a few days/weeks with each machine. Many run ftp only. For seamless access Tramp is amazing, but it is the managing of ...
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Dired as an FTP client

I don't know whether this is possible or not. I know I can edit remote files, but what I am looking for is a setup like this: one buffer with dired on my local directory one buffer with dired on the ...
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