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Doom Emacs (helm +fuzzy) not working

How do I get fuzzy file searching working in Doom with helm? I found this: But it's several years old and does not work for me....
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How to enable fuzzy matching in Ivy's prompt-buffer via use-package?

I used to use Helm and I really liked it. After watching System Crafter's YouTube series called "Emacs from Scratch", I decided to use the configuration showcased. The YouTuber prefers Ivy ...
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Wait for result of fzf without blocking input

I'm trying to make use of the fzf fuzzy finder to search through a list via a term process. The way I do this is very similar to fuzzy-finder.el or fzf.el. This is by launching fzf with: (progn (...
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Use helm fuzzy search inside ranger inside spacemacs

I am using ranger within spacemacs. One useful feature an explorer in windows (directory opus) I used has, is that by pressing keys it automatically starts to filter files with names corresponding to ...
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Enabling fuzzy matching in helm-bibtex

Is it possible to enable fuzzy matching in helm-bibtex? The following example illustrates why it would be very useful to enable it. Imagine that typing "sm" returns these two matches. Smith 2015 ...
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Ignoring curly braces in search

Journal article titles in my BibTeX appear as follows: Title="{{E}nsure {C}onsistence {C}apitalization in {T}itles}", This produces consistence output, which I am happy with. However, searching for ...
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Google-like search (with several keywords) in local (project) files

Is there a minor-mode/function that let me search through a project with several keywords, in the way I a search for files on google. The result should be, like in search engines on the web, a list of ...
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Fuzzy search for directory when you don't know the full directory name

Say I want to find a directory like: foo/bar/bazz/bar/directory_name_looking_for/stuff.xml And I don't know the intermediate directory paths, or the full directory name, but remember that the ...
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How to get fuzzy matching with helm in describe-*?

I have fuzzy matching in helm-apropos with helm-apropos-fuzzy-match set to true. I would like to get fuzzy matching for descibe-function and describe-variable and the like, too. How can I enable it ...
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fuzzy completion-style

People more knowlegable than I have suggested that intelligent fuzzy matching and sorting for both minibuffer completion and in-buffer completion could be accomplished by implementing a completion-...
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Restricting helm's fuzzy match to a substring of the candidate

helm sources have a slot named match-part which, IIUC, is the part of the transformed candidate that will be matched. In particular, the source helm-files-in-current-dir-source has the following match-...
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Open file by name matching recursively from current folder

Our project has a folder structure which makes navigating files a bit of a hassle. basefolder --> libs --> libA --> libB ... --> utils --> utilA ... --> apps ...
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