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Is it possible to disable font faces in Markdown for tables only?

I really like the markdown mode in Emacs (markdown-mode.el v2.4-dev) but when I have monospace in table cells the columns get out of alignment. Not only that, but at times the rendering kind of jerks ...
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1 answer

Have markdown-mode render checkboxes as in GFM

How can I make this: - [ ] check - [x] box render checkboxes, like in GFM? I think the output is something like <input type="checkbox" disabled> check <input type="checkbox" disabled ...
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17 votes
1 answer

Github-flavored markdown mode: syntax highlight code blocks

For example, if I have a markdown file with the following: ###This is my markdown file here is some text. here is my code block: ``` js var accountdown = require('accountdown'); var level = require('...
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