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Reliable global-auto-revert-mode on OSX?

On Mac OSX, I have global-auto-revert-mode enabled. Sometimes I see buffers revert after a change on disk. However, that doesn't always happen, and I have to revert-buffer to see changes (for ...
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How to prevent `Reverting buffer ‘<filename>’` message showing up?

I have plenty of files opened in my emacs daemon. In the background there is a running process which make changes on the *.yaml files that are already opened in my emacs. I am using auto-revert-mode ...
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Is it possible to DISABLE auto-reverting remote file?

Emacs 26.3 Linux Mint 19.3 I work with my Google drive. I want to disable auto reverting mode for remote files. Is it possible?
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Auto-reverting only renderable PDF buffers

I'm using pdf-view mode and the global auto-revert mode with LaTeX and latexmk. This works fine, except that, a couple of times during the compilation, the PDF is in a useless state and the PDF ...
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automatically backup before revert

I would like to backup buffers before they are (auto) reverted. This is nontrivial because the file a buffer is visiting isn't current, and the backup system normally works by duplicating the file ...
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How can I automatically close buffers when the underlying file is deleted?

I leave Emacs running all day, and will often will do a lot of file system manipulation on files that are open in Emacs buffers. For example, I might switch to a different branch in Git that has a ...
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dired not showing recently created files when emacs is run in daemon mode

When running emacs in daemon mode, a directory listing using dired does not seem to show the latest created files. What could be the cause of this issue, and how can I fix it?
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Org-Export does not respect (global-)auto-revert-mode

When exporting an org document to pdf via LaTeX, C-c C-e l o, if the pdf to be generated has already been visited in an existing buffer, neither of the variables auto-revert-mode nor global-auto-...
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