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How to remove (customize) the color of the bar from global-display-line-numbers-mode?

I want to use relative line numbers and therefore I turned on this mode: Global Display Line Numbers Mode. When I want to customize this variable, there is no option in customizing the color of the ...
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Does define-globalized-minor-mode detect changes in fundamental mode too?

I am using Emacs 28.2. Here is my code: ;;; foo.el (define-minor-mode foo-mode "Foo mode" :lighter " Foo" (message "foo-mode %s in buffer %s" foo-mode (buffer-name))...
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How to make this mode work in all buffers except for the SLIME's REPL buffer?

I have this minor mode set to work on all buffers: ;; John Mercouris centered point mode ;; Homepage: (define-minor-mode centered-point-mode "...
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How do I change a globalized minor mode's key bindings?

I'm using drag-stuff, which defines a minor-mode (drag-stuff-mode), a corresponding keymap (drag-stuff-mode-map), and a globalized minor mode (drag-stuff-global-mode). I want to make some changes to ...
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Can I override global-hl-line-mode in a buffer/window?

I have the following line turning hl-line-mode on globally in my init file: (global-hl-line-mode) Most of the time, that's how I like it. But sometimes I want to turn it off. I'd hoped that I could ...
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GNU Global + ggtags and helm + helm+gtags

In which is about "Prerequisite" Or, helm + helm-gtags. What does "Or" imply as the alternative to the combination "helm + helm+gtags"? Is the ...
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Global Modes not consistent?

Why are some global minor modes applicable before package initialize while some are not? e.g. In init file global-linum-mode works but projectile-global-mode doesn't. Why? Also, why is there no ...
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Enable Linum Mode for all files (with extension) but not other buffers?

In my init.el file I have the following line: (global-linum-mode 1). I want linum-mode enabled for every file, but not for other buffers. I.e. Is there a way to enable linum mode globally for all ...
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