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Org Babel generated graphics and GitHub display

I'd like to build files with graphics that properly render on GitHub. Currently I find that, for example, emacs-jupyter babel blocks render images locally via file:./path/to/file.png. ...
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Avoid `\begin{center}` environment when including external PDF image

By default a code such as this in org-mode [[foo.pdf]] will produce the following code in the exported .tex document \begin{center} \includegraphics[width=.9\linewidth]{foo.pdf} \end{center} How can ...
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Odd graphics issue on Kubuntu

Since moving to Kubuntu 20.04 I have been getting this strange visual tearing in emacs (running in its own window). I find that as I move the point along the line with the tearing, it is corrected. ...
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Any ways to Draw SVG?

I'm used to the artist-mode and though it work decently, i was wondering if it was already possible (with builtin or external library) to draw SVG, either with the mouse, or any other method beside ...
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Any example of using SVG bultin library?

I heard that you could draw SVG in emacs using the svg.el library, but while i managed to get the right dependencies (I'm on ubuntu 19.10) and while compiling the latest version from the savannah.gnu ...
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latex-export image using fancyhdr

I use following preamble in org file to export my regular documents. I want to add logo to right header, but for some reason, the \includegraphics command is not getting exported. Here is the code #+...
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