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Why I can't fold (org-cycle) in non-GUI?

It seems using non-GUI is much much faster when working with very long org-files. However I can't org-cycle with TAB key. (See image below). What is happening? My best guess is: when TAB pressed ...
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how to copy top header line (`header-line-format`) under X

I have a header-line that displays currently opened file name on top of the buffer window. I can't find a way to copy the text/file name from that header-line if emacs runs under X/gui (selecting with ...
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"inspect element" for GUI elements?

Is there a way to "inspect elements" for Emacs? e.g. In Firefox, I would open the developer tools, select this icon: Then pick an element on the page to get information on it. For an ...
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Change prompt style to minibuffer from GUI dialogs

Emacs by default does not ask if you are sure you want to exit Emacs, so I added this to my configuration to prompt me to answer yes or no before quitting Emacs. (setq confirm-kill-emacs 'y-or-n-p) ...
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Mac OS and possibly other GUIs: Why is default "s-g" behaving differently from "C-s" in isearch-mode

I don't really want s-g to exit the Isearch minor mode but it does. The reason this is happening to me is unclear, because investigation of the binding of s-g reveals it is supposed to be a standard ...
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Keybinding causes only a cursor blink ('\C-t') and no command is executed

This article is about the keyboard key combination 'Control + t' (smallcase 't') This problem is exclusive to the GUI version and does not come up while using the terminal. I am using Wayland Control+...
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Is there a library which can show a popup menu like company's menu?

So I give it a list of items and it shows the menu at point, handles up/down keys automatically, so it works like the company menu. I looked into company's code, but apparently it implements the menu ...
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Show a prompt dialog with a timeout

As expected, the following dialog box expires after five seconds under Linux: (progn (setq last-nonmenu-event nil) (y-or-n-p-with-timeout "Proceed? " 5 nil)) However, it lasts forever under ...
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Emacs slow when launching GUI

I have a weird problem. When I launch emacs GUI by double clicking the icon, or using open -a emacs in the terminal, or calling the application from alfred/spotlight it takes 4-8 seconds to launch. ...
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Weird behavior: GUI won't start, but terminal emacs will

As I said in the title, I'm having a problem with starting Emacs, whenever I try to start it with rofi, nothing happens, and when I try and start with terminal (using emacs), it returns "Args out of ...
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Command to invoke menu-bar's open-file?

The traditional way of opening a file is via C-x C-f (find-file). I don't know since when this has been the case, but in Emacs 27.0.50 (Linux), using the menu bar's File -> Open File invokes the GTK ...
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2 answers

How to start Emacs from the Terminal window as a GUI application (macOS)

I've installed Emacs via Homebrew. The version that got installed is 25.3.1. It was installed as the file whose full path is /usr/local/bin/emacs. When I execute emacs at a Terminal window, Emacs ...
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Use pkexec to run emacs in GUI mode with root privileges or any other way to do that

I've recently started learning to use Emacs. I do not want to run emacs using sudo emacs (lets not ask why), so I tried using pkexec to start emacs with root privileges. However, pkexec emacs starts ...
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something changes the default face in my .emacs

Debian Sid, emacs25, cinnamon 3.2.7 In my ~/.emacs I have (custom-set-faces ;; custom-set-faces was added by Custom. ;; If you edit it by hand, you could mess it up, so be careful. ;; Your init ...
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resize Emacs (GUI) window to exactly half the screen?

When I maximize the Emacs frame, it uses the full width of the screen, no background showing. But if I e.g. snap-to-edge (in XFCE), it shows a little "margin" of background outside the frame. And if I ...
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Emacsclient: One single emacs process all the time from start up & never close & better hide GUI

Since emacsclient can handle long package loading time proerly, I really want to keep at least one emacs process, and most of the time only one emacs process, open as a background process and better ...
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Native mac scrollbar in emacs?

Emacs comes with it's own solution for scrollbars(rather than using native macOS scrollbar) and honestly, I find them kinda intrusive and ugly. Can I somehow configure scrollbars to use native mac ...
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Can Emacs 25 use the new macOS Sierra tab features?

Can Emacs 25 on macOS leverage the new tab features introduced in macOS Sierra (10.12)? If not, what is required for it to start supporting tabs?