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Projectile not remembering remote projects

I'm using spacemacs and regularly use Tramp (via /sshx:) to open files, once I've opened a file in Tramp I can use projectile without any problems. However, projectile doesn't remember these projects ...
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Helm-projectile doesn't ignore files

I'm using helm with projectile and trying to exclude various files from the output that are project specific (i.e with .projectile files, not globally variable). The problem is that it never works for ...
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Helm/Projectile outside a project

I use the packages Helm and helm-projectile for navigating in Emacs. I ran into problems, when I use projectile-helm inside Helm, and I'm able to reproduce this with a empty Emacs init file. The ...
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How to make `helm-projectile-grep` do a recursive search?

I use helm with projectile and treemacs, how do I make helm-projectile-grep command to search in all project folders recursively starting at the project root. According to this page helm-projectile ...
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How to open a file in a vertical split after using helm-projectile-find-file?

After selecting a file to load with helm-projectile-find-file, how can one load the target file in a vertical buffer?
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Tools for refactoring c++ code

What tools do you use to refactor c++ code? For example, how do you rename a variable or function that is spread across files? If the problem isn't language specific, there are text-based tools that ...
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How to override projectile keybind for custom one?

I am currently using emacs out of prelude and with helm-projectile enabled in my setup. Recently I added helm-ls-git to my stack too and noticed that the function helm-browse-project is more ...
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Error in using "helm-projectile-find-file"

This is my config in init.el: (require 'helm-projectile) (projectile-global-mode) (setq projectile-completion-system 'helm) (helm-projectile-on) (setq projectile-indexing-method 'alien) (setq ...
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"stdin isn't a terminal" with helm-projectile?

Opening up helm-projectile-find-file keeps showing me this error: screenshot Anyone know how to get rid of this? Or what's causing it? Emacs config here: https://...
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How to keybind helm-projectile-other-file

I like using helm-projectile-find-other-file to switch between header and cpp files, for example. I tried to keybind it to C-c h with the following in my .emacs: (global-set-key (kbd "C-c h") 'helm-...
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How to create commands to search specific kinds of files using `helm-projectile`?

I want to be able to search python, typescript, and markdown files separely with helm-projectile. Is there a way to create distinct keybindings to search the contents of files with each extension. ...
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How to make helm-projectile-rg list files in relative to project?

Whenever I use helm-projectile-rg I see the list of files in relative to the current file: ../../../../../../project_dir/test/test1/filex.cpp "match" Is there a way to have it show files in ...
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