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How can I get projectile-grep et al to choose the project before searching?

Projectile-grep, projectile-ag et al always execute the search in the current file's project. What I want to do is to select the project from a completion list and get projectile to search that ...
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How to customise lines in helm buffer

When calling a helm selection function like helm-multi-files I get a helm buffer looking like this: Buffers templates 755 Dired by name (in '/path/to/dir-> 1320 ...
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How do I have helm select the literal text I typed in, not one of the options in the menu?

I've been getting deeper into org, and I've started using more properties. I have helm set up, so when I try to set an org property, helm is what is used to select both the property name and property ...
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how can I make a selectable list?

I'm working on a package and I want to present a list to the users that they can select from. The package allows editing of remote Dokuwiki pages from Emacs which can be found here: https://github....
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How to tell Helm to ignore certain files?

There are certain files I never access from Helm, such as those in my global .gitignore file: # Emacs backup files # ############################## *~ *# etc. Is there any way of telling Helm to ...
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Make Helm Faster: add number for helm-buffer-lists and select command by first alphas

Does anyone know a package that can make helm faster when selecting buffer (helm-buffer-lists) or command (helm-M-x)? For example: add number for helm-buffer-lists (just like original recentf-open-...
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helm-mini - narrow down to buffers selection with specified major mode

currently, to narrow down the buffers withshell mode, I'd invoke helm-mini, and then type "shell". I wonder how can I narrow down the selections using lisp? So I could have a function with a ...
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How to make swiper-helm to use helm layout?

I set this in helm (setq helm-split-window-in-side-p nil) This forces helm to use selected window for helm session like this(When point is in right split, helm buffer popped in left split only). ...
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Helm - How to change default selection while renaming?

I have a dired buffer with two files Now to rename to, if i goto, press R and type, helm selection will be like this Here helm is selecting the ...
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