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Htmlfontify provides a means of converting individual Emacs buffers, source files, or entire source trees to html, preserving formatting and Emacs colorization / syntax highlighting as much as possible through careful application of CSS stylesheets and html tags.

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face-attribute function returning strange cons with "quote", causing htmlfontify-buffer bug: 'invalid face: quote'

I've been debugging an error when I call htmlfontify-buffer on my *shell* buffer or SLIME. I found out the problem seems to be a value returned by the face-attribute function that seems to be a cons ...
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How to remove indent on left margin and vertical line from src block when exporting org-mode to ascii?

When I export an org file to an ascii file, using org-export-to-ascii, I get some annoying lines on the left margin and an indent ,---- | .class{ | background:red; | } This is what I'm after: ....
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How can I print a buffer exactly as it looks on the screen?

How can I print a buffer exactly as it looks on screen, including the use of variable-pitch fonts? (I'm also curious why htmlfontify-buffer ignores variable-pitch-mode.) I am using org-mode and use ...
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How can I export compositions with html-fontify?

Prettify-symbols-mode is a very nice way to make source code more readable, especially in math-heavy languages. Unfortunately, exporting to HTML with html-fontify-buffer doesn't respect ...
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How to htmlfontify an ansi-term buffer?

I am using "emacs 24.4.1; htmlfontify 0.21" and try to htmlfontify a ansi-term buffer. But the style in the generated HTML file does not contain colors. This is how it looks: span.term-bold-0004 { ...
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