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A script to export org with highlighted code block

I've written the script to export all of my ORG files into HTML files. It takes the files from the folder "content" and saves the results to "public". (setq user-emacs-directory &...
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How do I get the org HTML exporter to indent headings?

HTML output from org-mode would be a lot easier to read if the headings were incrementally indented. Yet when I process the file #+HTML_HEAD_EXTRA: <style> pre.src { background-color: #202020; ...
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How do I change Org's HTML code background?

Modifying Minted background is easy if my output from Org is LaTeX. \definecolor{LightGray}{gray}{0.9} \begin{minted} [ frame=lines, framesep=2mm, baselinestretch=1.2, bgcolor=LightGray, fontsize=\...
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How do I get syntax highlighting in example blocks when exporting org-mode to HTML?

I have set org-src-fontify-natively to t, and have htmlize installed. But my example blocks still don't have syntax highlighting when exported to HTML. #+begin_example python print(8*8) #+end_example ...
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org-html-htmlize-generate-css not generating styles

when I run org-html-htmlize-generate-css I don't see any css styles being generated. I've attached screenshot of what I'm getting. I tried with no configuration thinking I broke it but the effect is ...
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How to change defaults in htmlize package?

I installed the htmlize package but I want to change htmlize-output-type: css, (default) to  htmlize-output-type: font in the html.el.html file. Where do I ...
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How to supress transforming link names by org-export to html?

The HTML export of an org file transforms the links to "to equivalent HTML links in the output" How can I suppress this? I want to keep the same link names. Example: If we have this org file. ** ...
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Org #+INCLUDE: turning what I want to be a 2nd level header into a 1st level header

Test case: * This is a big section I have some content here ** And a second level section And more content here *** And a third level section And more content here ** I ...
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How to set mail-user-agent to mu4e-user-agent

Pressing , m in an org buffer does org-mime-org-buffer-htmlize and opens the htmlized message in message-mode but I want it in mu4e-compose-mode. How can I have this message opened in mu4e in order ...
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shr: render local images

I'd like to use the internal shr "package" of emacs to display local images. The thing is that I can display online images but not local ones, that's quite strange isn't it! Reproduce: Put in a ...
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Theme background not exported for HTML source code block

I have some code snippets within an org file: #+BEGIN_SRC python print 42 #+END_SRC When exporting to HTML (org-export-dispatch), the syntax highlighting seems to follow my current theme, but the ...
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How to debug collision between elpy and htmlize during org-export

Description Below I include a minimal Emacs init file a minimal org file Attempting to export the org file to HTML (by using C-c C-e h h) results in the error Wrong type argument: processp, nil. A ...
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How can I print a buffer exactly as it looks on the screen?

How can I print a buffer exactly as it looks on screen, including the use of variable-pitch fonts? (I'm also curious why htmlfontify-buffer ignores variable-pitch-mode.) I am using org-mode and use ...
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`htmlize` not taking CIDER font-locking into account

I'm using htmlize to give Org-mode code blocks syntax highlighting when exported as HTML, but the exported code only captures some of the font-locking. In particular, for Clojure, it does not capture ...
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