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Hugo is a very fast static site generator written in Go. It is popular among Emacs bloggers due to its excellent support of Org Mode, supporting writing posts and pages in pure Org Mode format. There is also the very popular ox-hugo package that translates Org Mode to Markdown using the Org export framework.

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org-roam + ox-hugo exporting results in broken links

I've been following this setup to export my org-roam notes with ox-hugo, but I get the following kind of errors when exporting. ERROR 2022/01/03 09:27:37 [en] REF_NOT_FOUND: Ref "../../../../../...
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Extract link from ORG header and insert as property?

supposing I have following ORG header * [[http://...][Description]] How do I extract the link and insert it as a property? My desired outcome should look like: * Description :PROPERTIES: :URL: ...
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Enable ox-hugo Auto-export on saving

I am trying to establish an ox-hugo workflow using the Auto-saving feature described in the official website. However, when trying to enable it using the following snippet: (("content-org/" . ((org-...
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Batch export files using ox-hugo

I have a lot of notes in separate files that I'd like to put on a hugo website using ox-hugo. However I can't seem to batch export the files. I've tried: using dired+ to execute diredp-do-apply/...
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